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Suspension services

Full range of suspension services at RD Performance.

Basic service, oil, seals, re-gas to valve kits, bladder kits, spring upgrades, set-up and renovation.

The importance of regular suspension servicing “Road or Race" is so often overlooked.

On the Road

Everyday use coupled with the high demands poor road surfaces put on our suspension can quickly and stealthfully compromise your ride and handling. Regular service ensures your suspension will perform as it should in all conditions, thus ensuring your ride out is everything it should be “FUN”     and at the same time keeping you safe and in control.
See our service costs guide below.

On Track.
Race and testing millage build-up quickly during a competitive season and as such dictate your suspension should be serviced at least twice a year i.e. pre & mid-season. Regular service ensures your suspension will always perform as it should "at its best" and also help prevent additional costs associated with unnecessary wear and tear.

RD Performance understand the financial demands placed on racers / sponsors during the season so have put together some “No compromise” but competitively priced service options below.

Prices are based on loose supplied forks / shocks.

1. Front Fork service From  £120.00 + vat


  • Stripdown and inspection
  • Full clean / flush parts
  • Fork seals
  • Race specification fluid
  • Set air gap


     Replacement guide bushes / shims /other parts / gas or services would

     be in addition to the basic cost.

2. Rear Shock service From  £105.00 + vat


  • Stripdown and inspection
  • Full clean / flush parts
  • Shaft seal
  • Dust / wiper seal
  • Rear shock race fluid
  • Nitrogen re- gas (100% Nitrogen)


      Bladders / bushes / bands / other serviceable parts / services would be

      in addition to the basic cost.

3. Steering Damper From  £62.00 + vat


  • Stripdown and inspection
  • Oil seals
  • Fluid


      Other parts / services would be in addition to the basic cost.

4. Baseline Suspension set-up£35.00 + vat

    Ride-in / Bring-in service.


Be it Road or Track having the correct basic set-up for "you" is essential. RD Performance offer a Ride-in / Bring-in set-up service for only £35.00 + vat.


  • Inspect suspension and check suspension movement.
  • Adjust front and rear static sag to suit.
  • Make necessary adjustments to pre-load, compression and rebound.

RD Performance - We can generaly find you a great solutuion

Be it.. Uprated Valveing, Springs, Cartridges, Piston Kit, Bladder Kit, Shocks or Forks, we are K-TECH Dealers   

RD Motorcycles Restoration.

We offer a front to back, top to bottom restoration service.


  • Suspension.
  • Complete Bike.
  • Brakes.
  • or just recommission a bike that has been stood for years.
  • All coatings available.

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