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Motorcycle MOT  £29.00

Call 01522 704740 to enquire about or book your motorcycle MOT.

What is the motorcycle MOT?

The MOT (Ministry of Transport) annual test which checks that your vehicle meets the current road safety and environmental standards. You must ensure you have a valid MOT Certificate for your vehicle by either: the third anniversary of its registration or by the anniversary of its last MOT i.e. for motorcycles older than 3 years old.

Critical parts and essential operations on your vehicle will be checked to ensure they meet current legal standards. This not the same as having your annual vehicle service and does not check its overall mechanical condition. The test does not cover engine, clutch or gearbox condition. You can watch the test from our MOT viewing area.

The main areas which will be checked are lights, steering, suspension, wheels, tyres, frame, brakes, exhaust, fuel system, seating, horn, registration plate, chain, sprockets, throttle, clutch lever and foot rests. There are a few special rules for off road motorbikes and for ones fitted with a side car. More information can be found on the Government MOT website www.gov.uk/topic/mot.

Preparing your motorbike for its MOT

  • Make sure all lights fitted to the bike are working correctly.
  • Ensure all tyres meet or exceed the minimum legal tread depth and are for road use.
  • If you have an aftermarket exhaust fitted ensure it is NOT labelled “Not for Road Use” 😊
  • The registration plate needs to be the standard size.
  • The horn has to work.
  • The brakes will be tested, so they need to work well and release straight away.

What if your motorcycle fails its MOT test?

Don’t worry, you will be given a failure sheet which will clearly detail all reasons for the failure. You are free to take your motorcycle away and rectify the problems prior to a re-test and if you bring it back within 5 working days it will be re-tested for for free.

Howevere if you wish for RD Motorcycles Limited to sort any of the failure points out then we will be happy to help.

Call 01522 704740 to enquire about or book your motorcycle MOT. £29.00

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